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Rory is an agent with the Department of Technical Errors. She is written by Fractal Dawn. She operates out of Response Centre #28561. (Note: "Center" has painter's tape over it, and "Centre" is written in careful block print over it.) She was recruited in early 2012 and spent some time interning under other agent pairs before being assigned her permanent partner.

Agent Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

At a couple inches over five and a half feet, Rory appears as though she's more or less finished growing. She's built slenderly, though her loose clothing tends to conceal how athletic she is. Unlike some assassins, she does not harbor an obsession with black. She figures her long hair (usually pinned up severely) more than makes up for the splash of color here and there she insists upon.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Rory is, in general, rather gregarious. She's happy to talk to people, and she obviously loves learning about them. She is, however, not terribly forthcoming about herself. Seeing her grit her teeth or seethe is a fairly common occurrence around all the badfic, but she doesn't display any tendency towards major temper fits like most agents. Whatever her triggers are, she hides them well.

As she doesn't suffer from much bloodlust, she is usually happy to let someone else do the killing. Perhaps because she's new to the other canons, she's more open to (well-written) AUs. On the other hand, she is a stickler for SPaG and linguistic accuracy: write an improbability, and she will jump on it and mock it endlessly.

Overall, Rory is very much about control—of herself, of impulses, and of content before her. How much this spills onto other people around her is unclear.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Quite athletic, Rory's primary combat training comes in the form of knife- and sword-fighting, though she is almost as highly trained in an unnamed form of martial arts. She also has a knack for languages.

Agent History[edit | edit source]

Rory doesn't talk about her past much. Originally from a Word World, she was a potential Sue. She volunteered to join the PPC to learn how to avoid that fate and how to defend canons—and maybe get some travel time in.

PPC Career[edit | edit source]

Rory was first recruited in early 2012. Being clueless in the ways of other canons, a thorough person by nature, and insatiably curious, she spent quite some time learning her way around as many canons as possible. Before getting assigned to a permanent partner, she ran a couple missions with other agent pairs.

She was finally assigned to the Department of Technical Errors and partnered with Agent Robin Thorne.

Agent Timeline[edit | edit source]

Early 2012
  • Recruited to the PPC; begins period of introduction to canons and interning.

Mission Logs[edit | edit source]

[Coming soon!]

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