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Room One is the current Committee Room of the Board of Department Heads, the former office of the Mysterious Somebody and Sunflower Official, and the first room built by the Flowers away from Origin.


Room One is also referred to as as the First Room[1] and the Committee Room.


Room One was constructed on the far side of the first stable plothole known by the Flowers to lead away from Origin. It is situated on a dusty, airless planet under a starry sky.[2] The completion of Room One was marked by the founding of the Organisation.[2]

During the Civil War, the Organisation deliberately destroyed the ceiling of Room One, opening it to vacuum to seal one of the entrances to Headquarters.[1] It was later repaired, this time with a solid roof, and the portal leading back to Origin was closed.[1]

The Committee Room contains the last plothole to Origin, which is sometimes used to Awaken new Flowers.[3]