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Romance between characters is usually a close relationship of the kind that involves flowers and jewelery and lovely sunny days/sunrises/sunsets, etc., etc. And snogging. And wedding proposals. And other things. And so on and so forth. Often, in fic, involves True Love or, in extreme cases of badfic, Twu Wuv.

As a genre, romance usually involves very formulaic plots that involve one member of the intended romantic pairing, usually the woman, being in some kind of distress. Her true love then has to save her, upon which they ride off into the sunset and make sweet sweet love live happily ever after. Occasionally the plot is complicated by the character in distress not wanting to be saved, at least not by HIM, but then eventually falling for him anyway. Even less often, the man is in distress and has to be saved by the woman. Or both to-be lovers are the same gender. Anyhow, like anything else, romance stories can be done well, but far more often they fall victim to cliche, improbability, and horrible writing.

Romance in the PPC[]

Romances can and do happen in the PPC, though they seem to be few and far between (and a little odd) due to the nature of the job. The most notable example is that of Dafydd Illian and Constance Sims, who fell in love in HQ, got married, retired, and (will) have a large family. This is doubly significant since their writers, Huinesoron and Kaitlyn, actually met through the PPC and got married in Real Life, making them the Official PPC Couple in the eyes of the Board. However, they have competition from Neshomeh and Phobos, who, though they met in Real Life first, are now both currently active on the Board and married. Their avatars will probably hook up, too, if they ever get around to writing about it.

Other established agent couples include: