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Roger Walters is an agent in the Department of Floaters. He is written by Lleu Llaw Gyffes.

Agent Profile[]


Roger Walters's world is very much like World One, save that it contains werewolves. And some other things, but they are tales for another time. Since this is Not Your Average Modern Fantasy, Roger's world's particular form of lycanthropy imposes a variety of vulnerabilities on the human forms of those with its curse: being burned by metals, poisoned, balked, or otherwise influenced by various herbs, etc.

Roger has always been an avid reader of everything and occasional writer of fanfic. At some point when he was exploring his grandparents' house, he found a door that opened into a response center. He picked up the PPC Manual sitting on the floor therein, read it through, and knew he had found his calling. He somehow made his way to Personnel and got himself hired, with a few days off before he officially went on duty to sort out his Not World One affairs. Quoth his sister, incredulously: "You're going to save fictional worlds from bad fanfiction?" Quoth Roger, sarcastically: "This from the girl who turns into a wolf at the full moon." Quoth his parents, resignedly: "Call us when you get the chance, then."


He is fairly nondescript: his hair and eyes are brown, and he wears jeans and a t-shirt more or less every day. He usually carries around a book with him; reading is his preferred method of in-HQ rapid transit. Due to his vulnerability to metal, he always wears gloves to avoid burning himself while, for example, opening a door. From moonrise to moonset on the night of the full moon, he becomes an ordinary gray wolf, losing all awareness of his human self. Generally he is locked up at these times. His skills include plant identification, occasionally necessary for his survival; the ability to identify nickel silver, the only metal that does not burn him; wide knowledge of a range of fandoms; and surprising skill at punching people in the face.

Mission Reports[]

Home: Response Center #1023

Partnered with Surhat Roac[]