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Robecca was a Narnian Mary Sue who poured her essence into the whole of Narnia at its creation.

Character History[]

One of the 'Daughters' of the Catholic God, Robecca was a Goddess who originally broke the fictional God rule, 'No interefering with mortals'. As a result, her 'punishment' was to create and maintain her own dimension, aided by a Cute Animal Friend who took the shape of Aslan. Known for being the most beautiful and kind of her sisters, Robecca was sent to an empty Universe to 'create' Narnia, trapping Aslan in a carefully hidden plothole, and began to take over.

Upon creating the Earth to stand upon, Robecca began to recreate Narnia, with the aid of Tashlan. Using her powers as a Goddess, Robecca then infused the world, the Animals, and Nature itself to bring them to life, possessing the entire planet and everyone on it.

Upon discovering that her power was being fought by the agents of the PPC, Robecca flew into a furious anger. The exorcised Animals spawned mini-Robeccas, which the PPC agents promptly fought and killed, aided by Agent Lunac's supply of Keyblades. Agents Lunac, Liadan, and Selene fought Robecca, sealing her powers with a Keyblade and tipping the scales in favour of the PPC.

Character Demise[]

Agents Lunac and Liadan issued an all-call and the PPC exorcised the whole place. Then, the real Aslan slew the Sue.