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Constance noticed that he was wearing a silver ring with a black stone that glittered strangely. —'Celebrian - The Mission'

The Ring of Sairalindë was an extra Ring of Power carried by Sairalindë, a Tolkienverse Sue slain by Agents Dafydd Illian and Selene Windflower. It was silver, with a black stone, and rivaled the One Ring in power. It was very shiny, and Dafydd confiscated it after Selene severed Saira's hand at the wrist.

This would have been fine, except that he tried to use it.

He was first seen to wear it during a Potterverse mission to 'Pain and Regrets, Power and Battle', where he used it to imitate Potterverse curses. The ring next appeared during the mission to 'Woodsprite of the North', in which he and Selene got into an argument. He held up the hand with the ring on it as a threat. The ring flared up, and Selene decided that survival was the better part of valour.

Later, in the mission to 'Brown DragonRider of Pern', the ring came to life in response to his anger and nearly got the agents into trouble when the resulting pulse of power attracted the attention of the bronze dragon, Hath. It took all of Dafydd's willpower to deactivate the ring and remove it, after which he collapsed. Fortunately, his partners got him to safety and he was able to recover.

Unfortunately, he failed to learn from this experience and wore the ring during the mission to 'Celebrian'. He tried to harness its power against Celebrian and the orcs, but he could not control it. The ring blew off his right hand, and he was killed. He got better after Agent Constance paid a visit to Mandos and gave Námo a piece of her mind, though nothing could bring back his hand.