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Agent Rilwen Shadowflame is a member of the Department of Floaters. She originates from an AU version of the Star Wars-verse. Before entering the PPC, she was a Sith Assassin. Her partner is Agent Cavan Shenn.

Agent Profile[]


Rilwen has very long red hair, almost always tied back out of the way to prevent it being a hindrance to her. She has green eyes, is exceedingly small at about 5'2", is slim, and has a fondness for clothes of either green, black or dark red. As she says, it's a Sith thing.


It is difficult to pin down an exact classification for her personality. She would be deemed somewhat kinder than the average Sith, with a sense of mercy that has occasionally almost killed her. One suspects that there is a certain amount of self-delusion to her, given the way she can justify her actions to herself as being necessary for future good, and to others as being necessary for personal gain. There is an obscure sense of honour to her, perhaps something to do with her training as a Sith Assassin. Killing one person is necessary; killing bystanders is the mark of an amateur. She is, however, somewhat impulsive, and can be provoked into rash actions.

Has a dislike for seeing children or innocents harmed. It should be noted that she has an aversion to contact, especially unexpected contact, though she has an easier time of it if she has initiated it. Physical restraint causes her to have to fight off panic attacks. She is at least partially overcoming her touch aversion, not to mention becoming somewhat more cheerful, with the aid of current boyfriend Luke Celinus.

Mission Logs[]

Home: Rilwen's LiveJournal

Partnered with Cavan Shenn[]

August 2008