Rile X is an agent in the Disturbing Acts of Violence Department's Intel Division. He was originally written by Katharine, but has since been written by Huinesoron.

Rile X is a young man with spectacles who spends most of his time manually sorting and filing the fics that come through DAVD(i)'s cramped brick office, affectionately known as "the Cell." Despite his efforts to convince the Big Thorn to send them some upgraded tech, he has had to resort to boxing up older files and shipping them to storage in Siberia.

He is currently a senior agent in the division, mostly by virtue of being out of the office getting a drink when Agent India came through to rally the DAVDers against the invading Black Cats. Alongside a force of Bad Slashers, they confronted the Cats in the Large Auditorium, but PPCers and Cats alike were cut down when an army of Mary Sues led by the Mysterious Somebody showed up. The DAVD was decimated and nearly shut down due to lack of personnel.

As of 2009 HST, though, it has made a comeback. Rile X leads about twelve junior DAVD(i) agents. He has unfortunately been caught up in the rivalry between his new Head of Division, the Elder Evil Tree, and the Spirit Tree, who heads the DAVD's Medical Division. He is rather uncomfortable with the whole situation and has promised the Big Thorn to keep his people in line.

Appearances Edit

  • "If I Die Before I Wake" (Lord of the Rings), Agent Dour K (DAVD)
    • Meet the slightly disgruntled DAVD crew! Dour K visits "If I Die Before I wake," and ends up in an extraordinarily foul mood. WARNING: Deals with child abuse! *growl*
  • "Killer in the Dark" (Lord of the Rings), Agent Dour K (DAVD)
    • Dour K visits "Killer in the dark," wherein she must face many dead people (some of whom don't exist), a psychotic Elf, and plotholes galore. WARNING: Contains torture, murder, and Katharine's sick and twisted sense of humor. *nasty smirk*
  • "DAVD, 2009"
    • Or, what happens when your department gets decimated and nobody cares.
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