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Agent Rhysdux is an assassin in the Department of Mary Sues, Buffyverse Division, and a member of the staff at the Official Buffy and Angel Fanfiction University. She was written by Rhysdux.

Agent Profile[]

Rhysdux is one of several Buffyverse agents who have their offices in the staff castle at OBAFU, which is connected to Headquarters by means of a trans-dimensional elevator protected from unauthorized access by a powerful SEP field. She is good friends with HonorH (better known as Miss H) and works closely with her. She also helps Coach Gyrus conduct Grammar Boot Camps and grade tests between missions.

Her original partner Liosleith, a Tolkien purist, snapped while PPCing a Willow/Legolas/Mary Sue hurt/comfort fic. HonorH helped her out on one mission while she was sans partner. After that, she worked with Ginmar of the DAVD to take down a horrifically urple Sue called Baby, contracting urple fever in the process. When she recovered, she was officially partnered with Honorificus, HonorH's newly embodied demonic alter-ego.

She doesn't seem particularly attached to her own physical appearance, since the looks of her disguises vary from mission to mission—especially when Honorificus lends a hand.

Mission Reports[]

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Between Partners[]

Partnered with Honorificus[]

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