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Not much is known about Rhus except that she is short, stocky, loves German heavy metal, wields an axe, and was at one point partnered with Agent Shada. The fact that she is named after an older scientific classification of poison ivy probably suggests a bit, though, and in "No Way Back" she was described as slightly resembling a Dwarf; she is very fond of Gimli, and gets particularly angry when he is bashed. She became Jay Thorntree's partner after Acacia Byrd retired in 2003, but Jay left shortly thereafter. Since then, Rhus' activities have been unknown, but she was active at least up to 2006, when she took part in the fighting against the Black Cats in their invasion of HQ. She fought Durran Mkellin's Scout Division during their final stand, and might or might not have been involved in other events during the invasion.

Rhus was written by Thalia Weaver.

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