Agent Renée Garrett is a member of the Department of Mary Sues. She is written by Farseer Lolotea.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

A fairly tall (5'8") and well-muscled black woman with a milk-chocolate complexion and hair cut very short. Both ears are multiply pierced with silver ornaments, and she sports a matching "Erl" and labret.

Personality Edit

Renée is generally quieter and cooler-headed than her partner. A continuity breach that would send Phoebe into a ranting fit is likely to garner a calm "No, just no" from Renée.

She also seems to have a fondness for truly execrable puns.

Almost anything humanoid, between 6'6" and 7'6", broad-shouldered, blue-skinned, and reasonably attractive is likely to make her act very silly. Accordingly, a note in her file states that she would "need supervision in the StarDocVerse." (There's no mention as to whether or not her partner's presence would count as "supervision.")

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Home: Garrett and Claypool

Partnered with Phoebe Claypool Edit

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