Agent Reiar is a member of the Department of Bad Slash written by Guardian's Song, pending Permission.

Agent ProfileEdit


Reiar has neck-length brown hair, neatly combed, and brown eyes. She usually wears a high-collared red pullover shirt, black slacks, and black suit coat. However, she plans to change this to more casual clothes due to the high cost of getting vomit out of the dry-cleaning.


Reiar tends to be fairly calm and zone out during badfic. When this fails to protect her sanity, she bursts into hysterical giggles and makes bad jokes.

On the intellectual side, she paid a great deal of attention to the theoretical parts of Basic Training, and so knows the details of all Legendary Badfic and practical Mission Theory. This is fortunate for her, as she had a tendency to zone out at the sight of particularly horrible badfic and so get clobbered by the Parody Sue instructors. When it comes to badfic, she is prone to lecture on the inherent misogyny in super-feminine!helpless!Stus, why a Sue or Stu cannot waltz into NERV and "improve the EVAs," and punctuation and spelling errors.

(The Law of Dramatic Irony states that this article must have a punctuation or spelling error in it somewhere.)

Agent HistoryEdit

For the sake of the dignity of her author, extended details of her backstory will not be given, save that she was an Evangelion-Sue who never left her author's head when it came to fic. After her employment by NERV came to an abrupt end when Third Impact hit, she ended up getting thrown into an alternate universe after she frantically pleaded for a second chance, and ran into Matsu. After wandering through several alternate universes with him while seeking an interdimensional protection force that she was SURE existed... somewhere... they ran across the PPC, and she decided it fit closely enough. Despite Matsu's misgivings, they joined. Recently, they were initiated into the Department of Bad Slash by passing a Final Exam in which they were dropped into a room with a videotape of "Little Miss Mary" and forced to write up a charge list. They survived this experience intact... although her partner tried to strangle her afterward, as is instinctive for natives of the Evangelion continuum after surviving traumatic experiences.

Once Permission is granted, they will set out on a mission to the fic "Anestel."

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