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The Abbey

Redwall Abbey is the centre point of most of Brian Jacques' Redwall book series.

The Abbey itself is a large red sandstone building, located in the woods of Mossflower, with extensive grounds full of fruit-bearing trees. Depending on timing, it has either one or two bells in the tower; in the original 'Redwall', which takes place chronologically about halfway through the series, the Joseph Bell was broken in half and recast into the two smaller bells Matthias and Methuselah.

The inhabitants of the Abbey are mostly anthro mice, with a number of voles, moles, hedgehogs, otters, etc. Often a Badger Mother resides in the Abbey. The few Vermin - rats, foxes, weasels, ferrets, stoats, etc - who have come into the building generally came to sticky ends, as the relations between them and the Abbeydwellers are difficult to say the least, but one or two have had happy endings (such as Blaggut).

The Abbey is famous for the lavish parties and feasts held on a regular basis throughout the books, and the high quality of the food. Because of this, "causing Redwallers to eat Generic Food" has been counted by some agents as a charge.