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Agent Redd is an anthropomorphic fox in the Department of Mary Sues.


Redd, born Redfleck, was recruited by Agents Manx and Shadow from a Redwall badfic in which he played the role of Token Lecherous Jerk. In this fic, he worked with a group of Reformed Vermin™ who went about looking for other vermin to bring to the side of light. The Mary Sue of the fic, Rosebay Willowherb, did this by seducing said vermin. Redd received a nasty shock when he met Stormsong and Skyfire and was told the likely results of attempting this on normal vermin (i.e. a messy death, though possibly not quite as messy as if it was attempted on the vermin of S&S's own home fic, the good but gory "Vengeance Quest." Their author has a very different impression of Mossflower than Redd's did).


Redd has kept his perverted tendencies, but is a decent fellow at heart as far as assassins go. Much to his disappointment, the only other fox in HQ is the very male Drake, so he's attempting to broaden his horizons with regards to species a little, but any attempt at following up on this is likely to result in severe injury, this being the PPC. It really doesn't help that his assigned partner Jill Greenleaf is an ex-Sue, and therefore has the freakish Sue beauty aura.

Redd is fiercely protective of his home continuum, and was horrified to see what the fanwriters can do to it.


In appearance, Redd is a humanoid European Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes). He can be distinguished from the aforementioned Drake by the fact that Redd doesn't generally carry an oversized spork-shooting railgun.

Mission Reports[]

Home: RC 1427: The Realm of Manx and Shadow

Partnered with Jill Greenleaf[]