Red Wolf the Weird is one of the few effective PPC trolls. For a couple of weeks, she put us off balance as she spammed the Board with badly edited, nonsensical and repetitive queries. Aside from her best-known name, she also posted under school's out forever and, bizarrely, mary-sue.

Attempt OneEdit

At first, the PPC believed that Red Wolf was merely confused, and attempted to answer her questions and correct her spelling. However, as her wording continued to make heads spin and she ignored requests to stop cluttering up the Board, members became angrier and demanded that she leave. When this happened, Red Wolf initially refused to go and only left on threat of reporting her to P@L.

Attempt TwoEdit

All was quiet for another week, when suddenly another poster began "contributing" to the Board with... who would have guessed... the same spelling and grammatical mistakes that Red Wolf once used! (Just to clarify, having good spelling and grammar is a requirement of being a participant on our message board.) She denied being the troll, but was not smart enough to use an IP address anonymizer, and so was quickly discovered. When she told PPCers that she was really young and so shouldn't be yelled at, some tried to defend her, while others pointed out that she was repeatedly told that this wasn't the right place for her and Red Wolf should have respected that. This caused some tensions to arise between Board members, and a few people contemplated leaving. Fortunately for us, Red Wolf and her respective alias were successfully shunned by enough PPCers that she vacated the message board shortly thereafter.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why one should never feed the trolls, no matter how much you want to.

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