I reject your reality and substitute my own.
Adam Savage

Reality Room is a room in PPC HQ where logic and reason reign supreme. Has a Sue drunk 22 bottles of rum? Plunk her down in a Reality Room and watch the realistic side effects! Does a stick-thin OC wear hundreds of pounds of armor? Watch her collapse under the weight of it all! Warning: some PPC substances, such as Bleeprin and Pink Stuff, will not work in a Reality Room, although Techno-Dann and Makes-Things have adapted most PPC technology so that it will work.

A poorly written character who steps into a Reality Room may find himself being given a realistic background and personality, or he may find himself dead due to bad biology. A culture implant is a safer, though not so thorough, way of reconditioning a badfic recruit.

There are more than one of these locations in HQ, with at least one interrogation room in DIA Central being a repurposed Reality Room. Reality Rooms are among the oldest rooms in HQ; while most of the complex is built into Word Worlds due to the fact that portals can be written in and out of them, Reality Rooms are situated in non-Word Worlds.[1] They were found through natural plotholes, before Hornbeam discovered how to write plotholes into existence.

Due to their position in non-Word Worlds, written plotholes and other hallmarks of bad writing—or of esoteric PPC logic—have no existence in them.[1]

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