The Reality Dysfunction Indicator, also known as the reality checker, is a specialized sensor used mainly by Despatch and the DIC, and formerly the Real Person Fic Department. It gauges the severity of  trans-dimensional snatchings and other continuum-warping incidents, and will provide a rough gauge of how broken the local canon is in general.

Any reality around a trans-dimensional snatch is always weaker, simply because several of the laws of causality and common sense are being told to look elsewhere. The RDI measures how weak the fabric of reality has become according to the Reality Dysfunction Index. Its ability to pick out weaknesses and distortions in reality can also make it useful for locating badfic-generated plotholes containing canon characters that have been replaced, if it is calibrated to the environment of a specific continuum.

The RDI measures:

  • The Reality Slip of the local area, as a percentage
  • Reality Disruption stage (a typical trans-dimensional snatching of the Fellowship was gauged as a Stage Two)
  • Number, gender, and average and median age of kidnapped characters
  • The distance and direction of any large plotholes unusual to an individual continuum

Use in MissionsEdit

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