Real Person Fic, or RPF, is fanfiction about a famous person, often an actor. RPF is banned by most websites that host fanfic, including the Pit. It can still be found on the websites, usually under the category for whatever movie the real person was in. A common kind of RPF is about the actors who are in a movie together and often involves them falling in love, especially if their characters do the same (or the typist thinks that they should have). There are also some that involve an actor meeting the character that they play. Slash of this type is abbreviated to "RPS", for Real Person Slash. There is some suggestion that RP fic can in some way alter history. It is usually violently abhorred by PPC agents.


Some of the most disturbing RPF can be found in the Narnia fandom, where confusion in the minds of badficcers about the ages of actors arises frequently because while, say, Ben Barnes and Skandar Keynes (who are frequently slashed) are actually around ten years apart in age, they play characters who are both in their early-mid teens. Even more disturbing is the recent rise of Ben Barnes/Will Pouter fic; Will P. has been named as the actor to portray Eustace Scrubb in 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader'. He is about fourteen. Please, do the maths.


Technically this fandom is canonically a permanent crossover with the Real World, as the main characters are cartoons who regularly interact with live-action celebrities who play themselves. Within the canon Jamie Hewlett, the cartoonist, and Damon Albarn, the lead singer's voice actor, play the band's director and producer, respectively.

Missions to Real Person FicEdit

Missions to Real Person Fic can be found under their home continuum, the Real World.

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