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A Real Person is someone who exists in the Real World. For example, the authors of all the continua protected by the PPC are Real People. You are also a Real Person. Probably.

Real People and the PPC[]

Some Real People also exist as characters in fiction. Their fictional representations are canon characters native to the continuum in question.

The PPC does not conduct missions into Real Person Fic, but agents may sometimes encounter Real People in missions when the occasional enterprising badficcer drags a "hott" actor into a fictional world to meet the character they play in the Movies, for example. When this happens, the Real Person will need to be rescued, neuralyzed, and returned to where they belong.

Dead authors who spin in their graves a lot due to all the terrible fanfiction about their works serve as PPC Headquarters' primary power source. They are managed by the Department of Dead Author Electricity Generation.

Many agents believe they are Real People from the Real World, but actually come from World One, which is a lot like the Real World except that you can get to the PPC from there. Others know they are fictional characters, and may have even met their Boarder counterparts (well, fictional representations of them). Most of the Real-World PPC community has a fictional representation of some sort in the PPC universe, including the Board, which sometimes gets very meta and confusing. Agents are advised not to think too hard about the Fourth Wall, or they could end up taking a short holiday in FicPsych.

Mary Sues are definitely not Real People by any stretch of the definition.