Agent Ray Chell is a canine-like-human female, and joined as a spy for the Department of Intelligence but has since transferred to the DMS. Nobody is sure when she joined, but she seems comfortable enough where she is.

Agent ProfileEdit


Ray Chell originated as an Author Avatar in a few one-gag comic strips published on the Internet. It is unknown how she escaped the confines of a whole other medium, but she seems to have taken the image of her creator, with added canine features.

Once free, however, she went exploring the multiverse for material about her favorite canons. However, once she found some, she was horrified to see that her lust object had changed from a brilliant warlord into an old pervert whose greatest act of evil was stealing a girl's first kiss. And it wasn't even comedy.

It can be assumed that she became a spy in order to help reduce the crimes against her favorite fandoms.


Ray stands at 5'6" tall and is of an average weight, with straight brown hair and fair skin. She has poor eyesight that merits glasses. Her most unusual features are the pair of canine ears on her head and the canine tail sticking out the back of her pants, both of which seem to be similar to a border collie's.


Ray is precocious, cheery, and tries to have a positive outlook. However, she is very cautious and tends to get worried easily. She is not always the most outwardly courageous in the face of adversity, but she tends to pull through just fine. Ray tends to be a little shy when meeting new people, but is friendly enough once the ice has been broken.

She dislikes unfairness and willful ignorance. Badfic also makes her mad, but she also manages to laugh at it—which makes sense because it makes her mad.


Ray Chell is an introvert and prefers the quiet of her own RC when not investigating badfic. But she can be found attending HQ interest groups from time to time.

She is friends with Aster Corbett, and often forwards missions to her. They also slink off together sometimes to comically fan-worship Ganondorf. Or maybe just cook pizza bagels together.


  • "The Missing Heir" (Dragon Quest 8), with Agent Aster Corbett (DMS)
    • After screwing up yet again, Aster guides a new transfer to the DMS through a story containing a terrible trajeck backstory, unexplained mood swings, and a total disregard for Dragon Quest humor. January 10, 2012 (Collaboration).
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