Rasputin Gibbs is an agent of the Department of Implausible Crossovers. He is written by 61516

Agent ProfileEdit


Gibbs is a seven foot tall reptillian humanoid with a hunched posture, dark green scales, and a nice set of fangs. He is rarely seen without his stetson, and his eyes hold a look of steely determination that took him years to perfect.


On some deep level, Gibbs wants to be in a Sergio Leone movie. He doesn't speak much, he wears a stetson, and he seems terminally calm. His interest in cookery according to the Galenic theory is just a bonus. He uses Draconian expressions in his speech, such as the greeting "Bast Chauble" and the philosophical concept of going "even more unto Yark."


Gibbs spent many years working as a security guard in Dulce base, a joint Human-Draconian military base located under Archuleta Mesa. He held himself to a very high standard, and soon became known as one of the most capable officers on the security team. With this good mixture of skill and expendablility, Gibbs was an ideal candidate for a test jaunt through the base's new portal. His memory gets hazy between this point and his arrival in PPC headquarters.

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