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Ranger (last name presumably Silverblade) is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues, recruited from a Lord of the Rings badfic in mission seven of the Original Series.

He was recruited after the two primary Mary Sues of the fic were killed, when Jay and Acacia realized that he hadn't actually done much of anything to disrupt the canon other than being the sibling of the two previous targets, having originally been their "evil twin" in the fic. With no real charges to justify executing him, they chose to recruit him instead, to his bewilderment.

At the end of "Children of the Earth," Acacia's author offered him to anyone who wanted to write a spinoff; Robyn apparently took her up on this offer. Jay and Acacia stayed with Ranger at the Department of Personnel until he was assigned to a partner (Agent Robyn), response center, and department. He and Robyn were shown to recruit Agent NytBloomer, and Agent Laurie is known to have had a crush on him. He is also known to have fought the Black Cats during their invasion of HQ, facing the Scout Division during their final stand; during this battle, Ranger killed the Pokémon trainer and Cat Mike Jarvis. He is currently an NPC available for use with permission of the Board.