The Random Sue Execution Gun is an experimental weapon designed by DoSAT to be a one-hit-kill, efficient means of Sue termination.


The gun, which appears as a small pistol when in standby mode, morphs itself into another weapon when aimed at a Sue, usually a canonical or semi-canonical one and almost always a ranged one. This includes crossbows, rifles, and rocket launchers, but also 17th century cannons, self-propelling hammers, and baseball bats, ending more often than not in hilarious results. However, as all PPC tech, it tends to malfunction, leading to useless weapons such as foam maces, squirt guns (that sometimes are loaded with liquid nitrogen or acid, and so being actually quite useful), and even a rubber duck with a pistol grip if the RSEG is in an irreparable broken-down status.

Another drawback is that it needs to be reloaded by DoSAT after each shot, and so should be used only on the main Sue with a backup weapon ready.


The only recorded test user is Agent Sergio Turbo, who used to frown on the weapon's unreliability. He apparently stopped using the gun after being transferred to the Special Operation Division.

It is unknown if other agents are continuing the field testing or if the weapon has been retired from use due to its poor performance, though the latter seems probable.

Use in MissionsEdit

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