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You have to wonder what he must be thinking after this has happened so many times.

Random Orcs are a group of antagonist characters summoned by a Mary Sue's narrative to show off how speshul she is. Popular choices include orcs (of course), Stormtroopers, Death Eaters, bandits, Romulans, gangs, vermin, and just about any group of random mooks. Their motivations are unexplained, they are usually left completely without characterization beyond being part of whatever group or species they come from, and their primary purpose is to help the Sue twist canon to her own design. They pop into existence when the Sue wants some drama, and are never heard of again after their task has been completed.


Random Orcs may:

  • Threaten/attempt to kill the Sue so that a canon character can rescue her
  • Threaten/attempt to kill the Sue so that she can show off how speshul she is
  • Kidnap the Sue so that a canon may rescue her
  • Kidnap canons so that the Sue may rescue them
  • Employ torture or rape on either Sue or canons for the purpose of hurt/comfort
  • Kill the Sue so that the canons may mourn over her

Saruman inciting the Dunlendings. This action makes them NOT Random Orcs (though to the people of Rohan they appeared pretty randomly).

Signs that an antagonist is not a Random Orc:

  • Having a personality
  • Having motivations of his own
  • Having a history and future beyond his appearance in the fic
  • Being employed by an antagonist who has a personality, purpose, and motivations of his own

Examples of Random Orcs[]