Randall is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues, Freelance Division, and resides in RC #421 with his partner.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Randall is of slightly-taller-than-average height and slightly-leaner-than-average weight. Since he became a werewolf, his hair has tuned gray and become very unruly, his cheekbones more pronounced, and his canine teeth longer—when he isn't gray and furry. Then he just looks like a normal wolf.

Personality Edit

Randall is rather quiet, and is more formal than most agents. He enjoys being thought of as caring, but his wolf side is in conflict with that. Randall is currently trying to get it to stop overreacting.

History Edit

Pre-PPC Edit

Randall (then Ardolf) comes from a world where he is one of the few humans without magic. He enjoyed drawing, and once stayed in a forest for too long completing a picture. His werewolfhood is a direct result of this. After spending some time hanging around the forest, he moved to a cave already occupied by a myth mage. Shortly after she left, Ardolf fell through a plothole into PPC HQ.

Recruitment Edit

Agent Alexis Green found Ardolf wandering the halls and brought him to the Marquis de Sod. He renamed Ardolf and partnered him with Alexis.

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