If is the Pit of Voles, then Quizilla is the "Pit of Despair" (or the Pit of Shrews, depending on who you ask). Some of the fanfics on this site rival "My Immortal" in terms of sheer awfulness.

Why are there fanfics on Quizilla?Edit

Quizilla was originally intended for user-generated quizzes. Then one day, users started posting fanfics in quiz format. They were often written in second person and had multiple choices similar to a "Choose Your Own Adventure," except that the choices you made often had no impact on the plot whatsoever.

This was eventually noticed and a "Stories" section for fanfics was added. Despite this, some users still post stories in the quiz section.

Signs of a typical Quizilla ficEdit

  • Lack of enter key usage, resulting in a huge text block and no separate paragraphs. These text block fics are sometimes written in script format, making it even harder on the eyes.
  • Titles that give away the plot, e.g. "Blood and Pain (A Sasuke Love Story)."
  • Lack of capitalization.
  • Improper punctuation.
  • Mary Sues/self-inserts that are often paired with the author's Lust Object.
  • Being a YouFic. Second person is often banned on other fanfic sites, but not Quizilla.
  • Being a Real Person Fic. Real Person Fic is banned on most fanfic sites, but like Youfics, this isn't the case on Quizilla, thus explaining all the One Direction fics there.
  • Artwork that is inserted in the story. This usually consists of pictures found on Google Images and/or MS Paint drawings that probably took 20 minutes to make. Images found in stories can also be photos of the author dressed up as the protagonist, thus firmly cementing their claim to blatant self-insertion.

Comparison to the Circle of LemmingsEdit

Interestingly enough, those signs of a typical Quizilla fic are more or less the same format as stories on the Circle of Lemmings. However, the Circle of Lemmings doesn't allow copy-paste and does allow more obnoxious font sizes, styles, and colours, and most Circle fics have an "info" chapter or two (or three, or five) that provide dossiers on the Sue and any best friends she may have.

Both sites are geared towards the same demographic, which would account for the similar lack of quality in both of them.

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