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Quen is the secretary to the Marquis de Sod in the Department of Personnel. She is also Glorfindel's caseworker in the Department of Character Protective Services. Little did she know she would get both the transfers she applied for when leaving the Department of Mary Sues!

She was created by NenyaQuende, but also appears in works by Araeph.


Quen is the fastest filer on record and one of the calmer PPC agents. She is organized in that she knows where every speck is in her office... as long as one doesn't move anything. She will only be absent-minded in the presence of or when discussing Agent Isaiah, during which time she has been known to file the List of Dangerous Bleeprin Derivatives under Cafeteria Menu for Thursday. She has the ability to colonize an office with her own filing system in a matter of days, despite the fact that there've been dozens of secretaries before her, due to the high turnover rate in her position. She is definitely cheerful and is utterly un-intimidating, at least to non-enemies. (She was a Sue-slayer, after all.)

Her primary fandoms are Lord of the Rings, Discworld, and Star Trek; her Registered Lust Objects are Glorfindel (Lord of the Rings) and Dr. Daniel Jackson (Stargate SG-1). She has a mini-Jem'Hadar named Bashire.


Quen is a rescued bit character from a Star Trek Suefic. Because the Suethor was so uncreative, her species remains Generic Star Trek Alien, and she appears to be human except for her naturally green skin and hair. Quen has some mental scarring, having worked in the Star Trek Division of the Department of Mary Sues in the days before Bleeprin, but she hides it well. Eventually, Quen retired from field work, but she keeps a phaser rifle handy and is still very capable in a crisis.