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The Queen Anne's Lace is the Head of the Department of Bad Slash. Formerly head of the Postal Department, she replaced the Gladiolus during the events of the Reorganisation, and was given a place on the Board of Department Heads on account of Bad Slash being among the three largest Action Departments.


The Queen Anne's Lace Awakened on Origin following the third pulse of radiation. She worked in Headquarters,[2] and was one of the first responders when the first off-world plothole threatened HQ.[2] When the Sunflower Official formed the Organisation, she joined the Exploration Department under Captain Dandy, and became the Head of Communications.[2]

This post eventually transformed into being Head of Department for the PPC's Postal Department. During the Reorganisation, she was promoted to Head of the Department of Bad Slash, and made a member of the Board of Department Heads. She remained on the Board in its second and third[3] incarnations.


The Queen Anne's Lace is rather gentler with her agents than other department heads, in recognition of the fine line they walk between 'able for duty' and 'squicked to oblivion', but is no less dry and cynical than her fellows.

During her early life on Origin, the Queen Anne's Lace was known to be in possession of rubber clothing, of the kind used in certain forms of entertainment in the Garden.[2] No further details are known, and naturally we wouldn't dream of speculating.

During the Fifth Anniversary Celebration the Queen Anne's Lace was observed to cuddle a Daisy (but not the Marquis de Sod) and wander off with it in the direction of her office. There have been vague hints that they are actually having some kind of relationship, but of course we cannot confirm or deny.