Publica Kurusu is a Nursery Worker recruited and (usually) written by Voyd.

Character ProfileEdit


Publica was recruited in Valon Vance’s second mission, where she was supposedly the mother of a Kimihito replacement. Finding that they couldn’t press any charges on her, Valon and Kala convinced her that she would serve much better in the PPC than as a Stu’s false mother.

After Valon and Kala's seventh mission, she adopted the MPreg baby they rescued, naming him Leyuu.


Within the fic, Publica was not described, so she had no actual appearance. Some time after being recruited, she defined her own looks. The result was essentially an older, female version of Kimihito Kurusu: messy black hair with a loose strand on top, and brown eyes that go blank white when she’s surprised.


In her homefic, Publica was given little characterization other than “airheaded.” While there’s still a bit of that, her personality has further been defined as caring, if rather blunt.


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