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Professor Beans is a nursery worker who runs classes for older children. The classes are colloquially known as "agent training," but they should not be confused with the training new recruits receive (if they're lucky). The syllabus is known to include the PPC Basic Charge List.

Professor Beans is a bean plant. It is unknown what kind of bean plant it is or if it's one of the Firstborn.


  • "PPC: The Next Generation" by Oracle, Dec 11, 2003
    • Jenn is growing up in PPC Headquarters and learning how to be a good PPC agent. Will she survive the Cafeteria?
  • "What the Heck?" by Oracle, Apr 20, 2004
    • Mentioned only, having recommended that Trainee Lha complete her education on the job. He probably didn't have Agent Ginger in mind as her mentor, though.