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Printworthy is a unicorn stallion from Equestria working in the All-Purpose Department, My Little Pony Division. He is written by World-Jumper and is partnered with Marvin Jones.

Agent Profile[]


Printworthy is an Equestrian unicorn with a dark blue body, gray and white mane, and light blue eyes. His cutie mark is a book and quill. While he owns a pair of reading glasses for comfort, he does not require them.


Printworthy is a fairly intelligent unicorn, with a respectable vocabulary and a deep curiosity for why things are the way they are. He is quite social, willing to talk to anybody who will speak with him, as he sees that everybody has a story to be told. He is often asking more than answering when talking to somebody he just met, wanting to learn as much as he can about this new person's life and experiences. While he is usually polite and chooses his words carefully, he is easily annoyed when presented with a lack of intelligence.

One of his preferred activities is writing, which makes sense, as his special talent is writing. While missions and a plethora of new books to read often interfere with his ability to write, when he is able to sit at his writing desk, he takes the opportunity to let some of the ideas he had gathered to go onto the page. For some reason, he harbors an extreme disliking to word processors, often citing mechanical failure and discomfort from using a keyboard with hooves as reasons for disliking the machines.

Inside missions, he is the one who usually writes the charge list, as he has an eye for bad spelling and grammar that is much more refined than Marvin's. He hates Mary Sues, or Glitter Dos as he calls them, due to previous experience with them in fanfiction of his own book series, Daring Do. Because of this previous exposure to Glitter Dos, he is extraordinarily determined to finish the missions as effectively and thoroughly as possible.

Mission Reports[]

Home: RC 901\1Y

Partnered with Marvin Jones[]