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Agent Powder Puff arrived at the PPC while trying to get out of freshman English class with her sister Cocoa, and now works in the Department of Mary Sue Experiments and Research.

Identical to her sister except for the color of her hair, Powder rarely speaks. She is almost as insane as Cocoa, but hides it, and people are surprised when she reveals some of her stranger characteristics. She has a sadistic streak a mile wide, and most of the Sues who have been in containment at the DMSE&R for a while are terrified of her. She would ask that you knock before coming in and not expect her to always be willing to greet you.

Her registered Lust Objects include Inspector Javert, Erik, Gringoire, Dracula (as played by Bruno Pelletier), Mina, the Tenth Doctor, and Frollo.

Research Papers[]

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