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Neither Sues nor slash nor flames nor Escher rooms stay these couriers from the moderately swift completion of their appointed rounds... but they will still complain about it all.
—Postal Department Creed

The Postal Department handles, well, post. It handles external mail, given mention in the Original Series of Jay and Acacia receiving flames via this department, and internal mail as well. The PD is run by Otik Horak. Prior to the Reorganisation, the Head of the Postal Department was the Queen Anne's Lace.

The section of HQ occupied by this department is embedded in an asteroid in the Kuiper belt ([1]).


The mail is sorted by Otik onto a number of trolleys. The trolleys are equipped with a clipboard that bears the list of deliveries to be made, as well as a box labeled "Emergencies Only." The only crisis yet known to warrant use of the items in the box is a close encounter of the Lux kind, though other emergencies may exist.

The PD handles packages of all sizes, as well as letters. The only things that they will not handle themselves are flames, which are reported to the addressee and put as far away from Otik as possible until they can be retrieved by the agent who is responsible for them.

Known Agents[]

Missions Reports[]

Missions from this department are listed on The Complete List of PPC Fiction, Postal Department.

  • Jones and Ryzak appear in Gingersnaps, working on Christmas Eve, 2009.