Phobos is a civilian turned pseudo-agent. He is written by Phobos.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Tall, dark, and handsome are just some of the ways to describe Phobos. Other terms would be broad, hairy, and grinning in such a way as to unsettle those around him. He is generally seen in theatre-standard blacks. He stands a little over six feet tall. He likes to keep his dark brown hair on the long side and usually sports a beard. His eyes are also dark brown.

Personality Edit

Phobos likes to portray himself as "evil" when in reality he falls on the good side of the spectrum. He likes to make enigmatic remarks to confuse his friends. He has a habit of changing accents without realizing what he is doing.

Agent History Edit

On a visit to HQ to visit his then-fiancée, Neshomeh, Phobos got lost and wandered into the Queen Anne's Lace's office. The Lace mistook him for a new recruit, slapped a DBS flash patch on him, and hustled him into his first mission before he could protest. Fortunately, he survived to continue his search for the PPC Archives.

Mission Reports Edit

Home: Phobos' Lair

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