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Phi Six is a researcher in the Department of Mary Sue Experiments and Research. She is written by Cyba Zero.

Character Profile[]


Phi Six almost identical to Cyba Zero (and Sigma One), but her eye-laser is purple due to inconsistencies in place during her creation. She also wears a purple cloak for warmth.


Out of Cyba, Sigma and Phi, Phi is probably the most friendly of the three. She shares most of Cyba Zero's traits, except she is drawn to royal purple rather than red. She also chose the name Phi Six to annoy Eagrus Khan.

Phi is known to be training the mini-Stus Captin One of Five and Caprt One of Five. One of Five would presumably have been the designation of the minis' progenitor, had he not been slain before his bad logic had fully taken its course. The minis, however, were another story, and both became knee-high male Borg drones (with pointed dog-ears atop their heads, and tails). Being minis, though, their threat level is also miniaturised — the Borg proper remain unaware of the PPC, and a sting from either mini mostly just hurts. Both minis were left with the characteristic desire for perfection, though, manifesting as a wish to improve their spelling. Seeing a spark of hope, Phi adopted them.

Character History[]

Phi Six came into being when a Gary Stu's misspelling raised all Borg in the fic to the power of three — including Agent Cyba Zero. The problem was fixed; however, Cyba, being extra-canonical, retained the power of three, namely having three variants of herself in existence (the third being Sigma One). The trio is often known as the Collective of Three, although using the name in front of any of its members will likely result in the user being screamed at.

Being individualists, the Collective of Three's members all agreed to go their separate ways upon their return to HQ. The idea was to gain different experiences, and thus develop differences in personality. Phi, enjoying experiments, joined the DMSE&R and took it upon herself to train the Stu-ness out of the two mini-Stus who also spawned from the fic.