Peter Petrelli is one of the main characters of ensemble television show Heroes, a hospice nurse turned do-gooder superhero who has the power of empathic mimicry. He is portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia (previously known for his role as Jesse on Gilmore Girls), who has that kind of brooding attractiveness that makes fangirls squee. As such, Peter has become a prime target of Suethors, and has been made to fall wildly in love with hundreds of Sues with insipid powers and vulnerability complexes.

Most Sues tend to hijack Peter's love life early on, despite the fact that there is barely an episode in canon where he isn't either too preoccupied and mobile for a Sue girlfriend, or isn't already involved with another woman. As such, most Suethors tend to rewrite season two completely in an attempt to wrestle Peter's affections from his Irish girlfriend Caitlin and forcibly make him fall in love with their creation.

Because of Milo Ventimiglia's previous role as Jesse on Gilmore Girls, Gilmore Girls/Heroes crossovers are also common.

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