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Peregrin Took, more frequently known as Pippin, less frequently by his untranslated Westron name, Razanur Tûk, is a Hobbit and a member of the Fellowship of the Ring from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. As well as being instrumental in inciting the Ents to battle Saruman at Isengard and in the Scouring of the Shire, Pippin fights with the Gondorians at the Battle of Pelennor Fields. Pippin is the youngest of the Hobbits in the Fellowship, and while at the start he treats the whole quest as a silly game, he soon learns and becomes capable and determined.

In the Movies, Pippin is played by Billy Boyd.

In Badfic[]

Pippin is inseparable from Merry, becoming part of the badly characterised monster 'Merry and Pippin', which does stupid things and acts as comic relief and a cuddle-object for the story's Sue.

In Badslash[]

Pippin is most often slashed with Merry, although may feature in three-in-a-bed romps with Boromir and Merry (usually labeled crackfic). He also seems to endure a wide variety of unpleasant abuses at the hands of Random Orcs, Denethor, or his own father (who does not appear in person in the books, which causes the fanwriters to feel free to characterise him however they want).