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Agent Penny is a member of the Department of Mary Sues and the Department of Analytical Science, and formerly the Department of Mary Sue Experiments and Research. Following a brief retirement to the Discworld, she returned, trained by the Ankh-Morpork Guild of Assassins, to work with the PPC on what was described as 'a long-term assignment to a similar but not competing organisation to the Guild, for the purposes of improving their training standards,' but was in fact simply a return to her old job with a higher salary. Her last-known partner is Vemi Fincaran. She was created by Vemi, but is now written by Huinesoron.

Prior to her time in the DMS, during the Reorganisation, Penny worked in the Disturbing Acts of Violence Department with Agent India. They played a small but crucial role in the ousting of the Mysterious Somebody. While the DAVD was involved in the civil war against the DIS, Penny did not participate in the fighting, incorrectly stating it to have been a purely DMS affair when asked seven years later.


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