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Penidhren, formerly known as Nasalos, is an agent in the Department of Personnel. He was written in his first appearance by Ekyl and Cassie Cameron-Young, but may be borrowed with permission.

Agent Profile[]


He is tall and slender, and in his home fic was described as looking more like a delegate than a warrior. While his eyes were originally hazel in colour, a short time in a Reality Room sorted this out, and he now has the typical grey eyes for an elf, though his chestnut brown hair remained. He tends to wear a simple PPC uniform, and always has a book on him.


Penidhren is nervous and bookish in disposition, preferring things like history and learning to violence. He is generally polite enough, but quiet and cautious, and is likely still trying to get used to life in HQ.


Nasalos was a character in the badfic "Journey to Gondolin: The Hidden City," where he was assigned as an attendant to Legolas and used as a kicking post for him and his band of warriors. While his backstory prior to the fic's events is unknown, he was press-ganged into accompanying Legolas's gang on a mission from Thranduil, namely a quest to rescue the uncanonical Princess Nadira of Gondolin from a band of elves hailing from Ossiriand.

Unknown to him, Agents Cara Fielding, Miriam Collins and Dayn Aisenhek were sent to deal with things in January 2011 HST, and the stress the fic put on Arda soon became too much. The world began to break apart, and while Miriam went off to deal with the Sue, Cara and Dayn intervened more directly in the battle between Legolas's gang and the kidnappers, rescuing Nasalos before Nadira was killed and the Tolkienverse rebooted itself. All traces of the fic were wiped out except for Nasalos himself, who was understandably frightened by the whole situation.

However, he calmed down somewhat once he was given an explanation, and quickly agreed to join when Dayn told him he could stick to administrative work without anyone bullying him for it. He was taken to the Marquis de Sod afterwards, given a proper name and eventually assigned to work as an archivist for the Department of Implausible Crossovers, where he is theoretically in no danger from anything worse than papercuts.