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Pangaea was a Mary Sue slain by Agents Jay and Acacia. She appeared in a Lord of the Rings badfic.

Character History Edit

Pangaea was an elf from the uncanonical land of Aniron. She was Legolas's uncanonical kid sister and had a pet bear named Honey-Bump, who had two cubs named Evenstar and Stormcrow. She annoyed Jay and Acacia (who were Ents at the time) by "linking her soul with the forest."

Charges Edit

Pangaea was charged with "giving yourself, your forest, and your Cute Animal Friends really abysmally stupid names ... adding a forest where no forest can be ... interfering with a quite unacceptable number of characters and burning out my Analysis Device ... character defamation of the elves of Mirkwood in general, and Legolas specifically ... threatening Boromir with sharp pointy things and then condemning Legolas for being too violent ... screwing with the hobbits' heads ... being Legolas' sister ... creating a forest with godplaying powers—oops, we said that. Which brings me to my next charge, redundancy ... conspiracy to be dramatically injured and require one or more canon characters to nurse you back to health ... joining your soul to the forest, which is a) stupid, and b) annoying ... mucking with Legolas' eyesight, not bothering to try to tell Merry and Pippin apart, and being an idiot Mary Sue."

Character Demise Edit

Pangaea was knocked out when Jay (in Ent disguise) hit her on the head, but while Jay and Acacia were getting the Fellowship out of the uncanonical forest, she woke and escaped back into the forest. Undaunted, Jay and Acacia simply burned the forest, killing the Sue in the process.

Mission Report Edit

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