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Pack-rape, also known as gang-rape, is rape with lots of assailants and a significantly smaller number of victims (usually only one). Particularly horrific, since there's very little the victim can do about it. A competent fighter might be able to fight off one assailant if not somehow restrained or disabled, but several assailants could easily overwhelm anyone who doesn't possess superpowers that involve becoming intangible or effectively nuking everyone in the immediate vicinity to death. This is not something most people want to read about, but inexplicably, it is sometimes used as a plot device and an excuse for hurt/comfort. This tends to be bad.

Badfics of this type are usually dealt with by either the Department of Bad Slash or the Disturbing Acts of Violence Department, or both. They tend to result in agents throwing themselves in the Fountain of Bleepka for a few days afterwards.


In badfic:

On occasion, this topic can be handled reasonably tastefully, almost invariably when it is non-graphic. For example, this is the fate which awaited Agent Stormsong in his home fic—the scene was non-graphic, and intended to horrify rather than titillate, so it counts as a good handling of the subject. Even if the characters involved were cute fuzzy animals, because this one was meant to be disturbing.