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Eternal by device heretic - T

  • Continuum: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • Status: Complete
  • Warnings: Some mild violence and blood.
  • Summary: Many years after sending her beloved protege to Ponyville, unease sits heavily on Princess Celestia's heart as her relationship with Twilight Sparkle seems to have cooled despite all they've accomplished together. On the advice of her sister, Celestia sets out to investigate and resolve the lost connection with her most faithful student. What does it mean to be a Faithful Student...or a Princess of the Sun?
  • The reason I like it: Those who like a novel length emotional story may find it a delightful and tearjerking read. Eternal tells a story in which Princess Celestia breaks down emotionally attempting to reconcile with Twilight Sparkle, years after her being in Ponyville and Twilight's attempt to save her. Don't worry, the violence and blood isn't because of Celestia going axe crazy and killing everyone. The story fleshes out the backstory of Princesses Celestia and Luna (which drives about half the plot) and everyone is pretty much in character. The ending is very bittersweet but I won't spoil it, read it and find out!

More to come!


Renegade by Peptuck - T

  • Continua: Mass Effect x Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars
  • Status: Incomplete/Work In Progress
  • Warnings: Violence and blood.
  • Summary: The year: 2183. An attack on the Global Defense Initiative colony of Eden Prime threatens to ignite war between GDI and the Citadel, and only one woman can keep the peace, track down the attackers, and expose the true threat to the galaxy. Alt.Universe
  • The reason I like it: From the famous fanfic author Peptuck, Renegade tells the story of a Mass Effect universe with a GDI Earth instead of System Alliance and its socio-political impact on the Mass Effect Galaxy. It is very well written but the author updates slowly.
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