Fair warning: I barely read fanfiction any more, so most of this is very old. Second fair warning: the ones that stick in my head are the long ones. You may lose large amounts of your day if you're foolish enough to listen to my recommendations.

Lord of the Rings/The SilmarillionEdit

The Leithian Script by Philosopher at Large. Rated T-ish

  • Not quite finished, apparently abandoned. The link is a mirror.
  • P@L suggests beverage and sanity warnings...
  • The infamous dark-humorous “screenplay” version of the story of Beren and Luthien — and Huan — and pretty much everyone else in First Age Middle-earth, too, either directly or by inference, as paths cross calamitously.
  • This story - script - shaped my conception of the First Age and everyone in it. The Valar, Finrod, the Sons of Feanor, Nargothrond, the Halls of Mandos - this is where my images of it come from. The imagery and interplay is incredible, and the research she put in is stunning. Read This if you have a spare month or so.

Brothers In Arms by the Nightrunners. Rated T

  • Finished, with one unfinished sequel
  • Warned for (fictional) drug use.
  • AU Modern-Day. Warning: Do *not* perform CPR on the elf unless you want to drastically screw up your life.
  • This is one of several 'Fellowship in Modern Earth' stories I used to read, and it has the most staying power. They're reincarnated, without much of their memories, and, oh yeah, this is a 'modern earth' where magic exists in conjunction with technology. It's also funny, unlike many of the others.

The Game of the Gods by Limyaael. Rated T.

  • Complete!
  • Warning: Mary-Sues. Dozens of the blighters.
  • Morgoth and Varda are playing a little game. Morgoth's weapon: Mary Sues. Varda's weapon: Reality.
  • This is quite possibly the most hilarious Mary-Sue parody in existence. Morgoth's failures are realistically insane, and the overarching plot ties the whole thing together into comedy gold.

Broken Fellowship by Lizardbeth J. Rated K+/T.

  • Four stories (One Two Three Four), with part 4 never finished. Alas.
  • Warned for dark themes in general. Vampirism crops up.
  • When Frodo falls in Moria, who shall bear the One Ring? AU
  • The series runs from Moria to somewhere analogous to Cirith Ungol, with a meticulously constructed story. Unlike most of these it isn't humour - it's actually quite dark - but it is so well done. One of my favourite serious AUs.

Author RecommendationEdit

Cirdan. Hilarious/serious Middle-earth stories gallore, ranging from Feanor reforging the One Ring , to sad little boy Earendil, to Finrod challenging Sauron to a rematch... Cirdan is one of my consistantly favourite authors online.

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