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The PPC Rec Center is for sharing personal recs of goodfic compiled by PPCers.

Starting a Rec Page[]

When starting a rec page under the PPC Rec Center, make it a subpage under this page. To make a subpage, create a new article with the name "PPC Rec Center/[Your Name]'s List".

You can then link to it from here like so: [[PPC Rec Center/JulyFlame's List|JulyFlame's Rec List]] becomes JulyFlame's Rec List.

A basic format should be used on each rec page, starting with the organization of categorizing by fandom (or fic type). After that has been done, the individual recs should be formatted similarly, and should have the following:

  • [url story title by Author Name] Rating or rating you would assume it would have
    • Writing Status (Complete? Incomplete? Work in Progress? Unfinished and abandoned?)
    • Warnings you would give it.
    • Summary: The summary as given by the author
    • The reason you like it:

If there are more things that should be noted, or that you think you should add, you are welcome to do so.

Things to Consider[]

When recommending a story, make sure to give any warnings that you think would be pertinent to others who also might read it due to your recommendation; some people have triggers or are easily squicked. Things like rape, torture, or especially graphic violence should be mentioned as a warning. It is up to you to decide what you are going to warn for.

That said, certain things should not be warned for, such as slash, or homosexuality. The PPC does not condone homophobia.

Please rec your various fanfiction-based smut and porn that is not a minor part of a larger story elsewhere.

Once your rec page begins to groan under the strain of too many entries, you should consider splitting it into further subpages.

List of Rec Pages[]

Please list alphabetically.