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The PPC Playscriptes were a series of three plays written by Huinesoron. Designed to be acted out by a group of four actors, each featured many of the same characters in different situations.

Interestingly, none of the three scripts is entitled "Playscripte." They are each a "Playscript." The pseudo-archaic name comes from the introductory monologue to Episode II, which states that it is "Thee Exciteing Sequel to oure PPC Playscripte!"

The First Playscripte[]

PPC: The Playscript introduces the reader to Alex Orange, Sam Apple, the Daisy and Mortic Wentway, along with a few minor characters. It depicts the adventures of Alex and Sam when they decide to transfer to the Department of Internal Affairs from their own Department of Mary Sues, and are assigned to hunting down rogue Assassin Lanel Cadbury. It describes itself as:

PPC, an Playescripte inne nine and an halfe scenes. Starringe three agentes, onne psychoe, twoe floweres, an Mini-Balroge and diuerse alarums. Minutes of funne! Withoute Onee Thousande Oliphaunts!

The Second Playscripte[]

PPC: The Playscript: Episode II follows Alex, Mortic and the Daisy as they attempt to test a newly designed map of HQ. It also introduces CAL-9000 and the Department of Dead Author Electricity Generation, which was in fact created specifically for this script. This is also the script which features both the Sunflower Official and Mortic quoting from the film Labyrinth. It describes itself as:

Thee Exciteing Sequel to oure PPC Playscripte! Join Alex ande Mortic as theye travell HQ! Laugh at thee hilaritie! Grone at thee badde jokes! Feare thee PPC!

The Third Playscripte[]

PPC: The Playscript: Episode III is the shortest in the series, at a mere five scenes. It follows Alex, Sam and Mortic in their attempts to discover the cause of a power outage affecting HQ. This play is thus the first tie-in to the Crashing Down saga. It is introduced with the words:

They arre backe again! Join Oure Heroes as theye save HQ from thee gratest danger yet!

Radio Play[]

The First and Second Playscriptes have been rendered into radio plays by JulyFlame, Huinesoron and Sara. The MP3s of these Radio Playes are available to all, for free: