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Welcome to all PPCers!
Confused masses: "Why an LJ community? After all, we have a nice, shiny message board..."
Exactly. And this place is only meant to keep track of other PPCers' LJs, as an alternative to keeping a long list of bookmarks. Sues will still be slain on the board.
Confused masses: "Oh..."
—the_ppc LiveJournal Community "About" entry.

The PPC LiveJournal Community, beyond being used for keeping track of other people's LJs, is also for storing the List of Things I Am Not Allowed to Do at the PPC, the List of Everything PPC, the FAQ for Other People, and various other handy lists of information that the wiki is slowly swallowing whole. However, it does also host PPC stories which might have otherwise fallen off the edge of the Earth, along with various suggestions and plugs and questions that were possibly also posted to the Board, but are only preserved on the LJ Community.

The PPC LJ Comm is mirrored by the PPC Dreamwidth Comm.

There is also the PPC HQ Dreamwidth Comm, which is for comment role-play taking place in Headquarters. There used to be one on LJ, but it was purged.