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The PPC Handbook is a publication by and for the agents of the PPC. It was originally compiled by NenyaQuende and Rosie Cotton Bomull circa 2003-2004, but since Geocities died it has been re-hosted in the Lost Tales archive. It should not be confused with the PPC Manual, which is an official publication by the Flowers.

The Handbook has seven sections:

  • Section A is devoted to the question "How Do I Join the PPC?" and contains initiation rites, a partial application form, and the PPC agent's oath of office.
  • Section B, "Canon Protection Initiative Staff," contains a list of PPC departments and agents compiled by Artemis and a catalog of the Flowers.
  • Section C, "Canon Protection Initiative Records," contains links to various PPC writings, including the Original Series. It is by no means a complete list of PPC stuff.
  • Section D, "The PPC Basic Charge List," contains charge sheets for various fandoms.
  • Section E, "Tools of the Trade," is comprised of descriptions of PPC technology and the PPC Menu of edible and semi-edible substances.
  • Section F, "Trophies," is devoted to the Mary Sue Scalp Belt, created by Araeph.
  • Section G is devoted to the origins of the PPC as written by Huinesoron.

It should be noted that the Handbook is somewhat dated, and not all of its content may be consistent with the current state of the PPC.