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A response centre in the game.

In this stunning visual extravaganza, you, yes, YOU can become an Agent of the renowned Protectors of the Plot Continuum. During your tenure in HQ, you will kill Mary-Sues, meet some of the PPC's most famous Agents, explore the mysterious grey corridors that the organisation is run from, and even encounter the most famous Flower of all -- the Sunflower Official.
—The PPC Computer Game homepage

The PPC Computer Game was made by Huinesoron. He released it to the Board on 19 July, 2007.[1] It is set during the first half of March 2006, shortly before the release of the first issue of the Multiverse Monitor.[2]

The game can be found here.


The game's story centres around two things: the protagonist's quest for vengeance after her partner is shot, and the forthcoming release of the first issue of the Multiverse Monitor. In the case of the latter, the events differ somewhat from those known to have occurred, but since the game's ending retroactively removes the rest of the game from the timeline, this is okay.


It takes the form of a top-down exploration/puzzle game, and is fairly simple in both graphics and gameplay: the arrow keys move the protagonist around, and all interaction is done by walking into people or objects and navigating dialogue boxes with mouse clicks or the enter key. Most of the gameplay is exploring HQ, and there are only a few ways to actually lose the game: falling too far behind Starwind Rohana while she's leading you to the Multiverse Monitor's newsroom, being caught by the DIA near the end, and failing to kill the Mary Sue in the final level. The first two send you back to the beginning of the level in question, while the last kicks you back to the main menu. The game is also glitchy, with it being very possible to get stuck on terrain or in infinitely looping conversations with NPCs with no way out but exiting the game entirely.


The many locations visited during the course of the game include:

Also available to be visited during the after-credits section are: