In order to add your agents to the PPC Community Spiderweb, you will need to take the following steps:

  • Open up the Master List.
  • Click 'edit'.
  • Do not delete anything you have not added.
  • For each of your agents:
    • Find their department.
    • On a new line between the department's 'style=invis' and the final }, add their name in "Double Quotes".
    • For each link your agent has with another agent, do the following:
      • On a new line at the bottom of the page, type "Agent 1 Name" -> "Agent 2 Name", substituting your agents' names where applicable, but retaining the double quotes
      • Note that links are additive - if you later link 'Agent 2' back to 'Agent 1', you will end up with two lines between them. So try not to do this.
      • Note that Agent 2 will need her/his own entry at the top; if you don't do this, they will end up in DMS colours.
  • Please note: empty lines have no significance, and thus can be used to make the Master List easier to read. Double quotes, however, are very important, and missing them out will make the program sad.
A note to compilers: you may need to add a closing } to the end of the Master List after pasting it into Graphviz. Hopefully this won't tax you too much.
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