The PPC Community Spiderweb is a project to show the links between every PPC agent - and every other PPC agent.

The SpiderwebEdit

PPC Graph

The PPC Community Spiderweb - so far

The Spiderweb has been created using Graphviz, and demonstrates direct links between agents - that is, whether they have directly interacted with each other on-page.

It also shows which department they are in, by the colour of the node that contains each agent's name. All colour names are taken from Graphviz's X11 list.

Department ColoursEdit

Action DepartmentsEdit

Infrastructure DepartmentsEdit

Security DepartmentsEdit

Civilians in HQEdit

  • CAF and Mini Adoption Centers - Light goldenrod 3
  • Children - Coral
  • Courtyard Sentient Animals - Dark sea green 1 (black font)
  • Others - Dark goldenrod

Contributing Your AgentsEdit

In order to add your agents to the Spiderweb, please take the following steps:

  • Read the instructions on how to edit the master list. It has a very low level of required coding, but the coding is essential.
  • Add your agents' names to the Master List, taking care to follow the instructions (above) carefully.
  • Please don't add Department Heads! The Sunflower Official has met everybody.
  • If you need to add a new department, make sure the colour you pick isn't already in use!
  • Add your name to Contributors below.
  • Wait for Huinesoron to upload a new version - or, if you understand the program, feel free to upload it yourself! We're using the latest version of Graphviz, exporting using the 'neato' layout engine and (of course) 'jpg' output.


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